Ambassador Baptist College is not an accredited institution.

If a person decided that he wanted to attend a real college or university one day, then understand that none of the "credits" from Ambassador Baptist College will transfer to any real and accredited institution.

If you are not going to attend an accredited school, then why attend a school at all. Why spend thousands of dollars to attend an unaccredited school. If the lord is truly leading you and you do not have money to attend a real college, then there are several institutions that will ordain you for free or for a very nominal charge.

For example, the National Conservative Christian Church has a four step on-line program and is another great site for Independent Ministers

The Ambassador Baptist College website goes as far as to admit that the students probably face a disappointing future:

"It has been disappointing to learn that some Ambassador graduates who have been taught a solid, biblical foundation and philosophy of ministry have had that foundation challenged and even shaken in some of the seminaries to which they have gone for post-graduate work".

I am sure it is "Disappointing" for the students when they leave Ambassador Baptist College and find limited or no opportunities. I am sure it is "Disappointing" when those poor students try to further their career by applying to an accredited graduate program. I imagine the students are "Shaken" when they realize that they have wasted thousands of dollars and four years of their lives attending a "college" where the President had his Doctorate of Divinity "bestowed" by the "Puerto Rico Baptist College" and any accredited institution considers the degree and credits to be worthless. I could see why a student would be "Shaken". I am sure that is a hard realization to face.

Peer Reviews

Dr. Bob Griffin
Forum Sage
Did NOT like his "college" and felt he was demeaning education and trying to turn out "replicas" of himself and his style.

Our sending church had a small group and a preacher from Ambassador. The preacher was an undereducated clone of Ron, without understanding what he was saying . . but saying/delivering it in the very inflections and mannerisms of Dr Comfort.

We don't need young preachers giving rehearsed speeches of Dr Comfort. So I'm not a fan of his school

An example of what I meant "clone" - Liberty Baptist here in town has had two Ambassador groups. In both cases the "preacher" who gave the message (the group sang) did a Ron Comfort message word-for-word. One of the young men "lost his place" in the memorized speech, and had to go back to a point and start over. Exact same words, inflection of voice and gestures/mannerism. Everyone at church was commenting afterwards on how it was like a memorized oration and not Spirit-filled preaching.

Forum Sage
No offense, but regardless whether you and Dr. C. have had cross words, it is not very realistic to think that he would be okay with seeing this opinion of his article posted on the web. He is not one known for being okay with people disagreeing with him.